Space / Satellite Components

By udash — In Space / Satellite Components — July 6, 2009

Space / Satellite Components

For more than three decades UDASH has been recognized as one of the leading precision CNC machining suppliers of close-tolerance and complex 4 & 5-Axis CNC machined components and critical flight hardware to the space industry. After being awarded with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s highest honors for our excellence in manufacturing complex critical flight components for the “Mars Exploration Rovers”, UDASH has remained a preferred supplier of space and satellite related hardware to NASA and other companies manufacturing intricate space systems.

Some of UDASH’s intricate 4 & 5-Axis CNC machined components have been produced for the following successful past space industry projects:

International Space Station (ISS)
Inmarsat Satellite
Intelsat Satellite
LDCM spacecraft
Atlas V rocket
GRAIL spacecraft
NASA’s Space Shuttle program
JPL’s Mars Exploration Rovers; Spirit, Opportunity & Curiosity
NASA’s Phoenix Lander

At every level, the dedicated team at UDASH has worked hard to achieve and maintain a world-class reputation for the highest level of excellence in quality, on time delivery and customer service that will always exceed the expectations of our customers. We welcome prototype and short-run projects as well as long-run production projects. Our key specialty is in precision 5-Axis CNC machining of the close-tolerance and exotic alloy components that most manufacturing companies typically shy away from including;

• Titanium 6AL-4V
• Inconel 625 & 718
• Magnesium, Nickel & Tungsten
• Kovar, Prodec & Haynes
• Platnium, Nitronic 60 & Tantalum
• Chromium, Molybdenum & Zirconium
• Super Invar, Monel & Ceramics
• A286 Steel, 4340 Steel & 4130 Steel
• Berylium Copper, Hafnium & Waspaloy
• Vanadium & Niobium

UDASH has expertise in manufacturing individual space hardware as well as smaller sub-assemblies involving rivets, nut plates and inserts. Some of the components we have produced for our customers in the space industry during the last three decades include;

• Satellite Housings & Chassis parts
• Titanium & Inconel Launch Vehicle Valves & Nozzles
• Panels, Brackets & Rails
• 17-4 & 15-5 Stainless Steel Flanges & Fittings
• Intricate Jigs, Fixtures, Toolings
• Spacecraft Structural parts
• Components for Optical Benches & Solar Array Substrates
• 5-Axis CNC Components for Complex Payload Assemblies
• Hardware used for Antenna Reflectors & Radiation Panels
• Telescopic & Camera Structural parts
• Components for Modular Solar Panels
• Complex Waveguide Satellite Components /Waveguide Machining
• Complex Inconel Launch Vehicle components

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UDASH is proud to support U.S. Armed Forces overseas
UDASH is proud to support U.S. Armed Forces overseas