Space & Satellite

UDASH Inc. specializes in complex and ultra-precision 4 & 5-Axis CNC machining services and is a certified U.S. Government Small Disadvantaged Business. An honored recipient of NASA/JPL's most prestigious Awards for Excellence in manufacturing components for the Mars Exploration Rover projects.

CNC Machined Parts

Commercial Industrial Components

Over the years UDASH has successfully manufactured custom-made multifaceted and close-tolerance CNC precision 5-Axis machined parts for an array of commercial industries seeking high quality components. We take great pride in machining very complex components from the exotic and hard alloys that average machining companies shy away from. Likewise UDASH welcomes prototypes, R&D and production projects.

Medical Industries

Medical Surgical Parts

For many years UDASH has been at the forefront of offering the highest quality precision CNC components for the ever transforming medical, surgical and biomedical industries. Whether our customer requirements have been for low volume prototype parts that are still being developed or higher volume production devices, UDASH has worked hand-in-hand to provide excellent components, with on-time delivery for all projects

Aviation Parts

Aircraft Hinge Components

UDASH Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of complex custom interior and exterior aircraft hinges and aircraft hinge pins. UDASH can produce an array of complex build-to-print machined aircraft hinges and aircraft hinge pins for military, commercial, cargo and corporate aircraft.


Military/Commercial Aircraft Parts

UDASH is a proud manufacturer of countless key structural and engine aircraft components used on numerous commercial, military, corporate and cargo aircrafts. Our precision CNC 4 & 5-Axis machining services respond to the aviation industry’s on-going requirements for high technology equipment while maintaining a time-honored standard for on-time delivery and reliable high quality.

Automotive Components

Automotive & Motorcycle Industries

UDASH is a key supplier of complex 4 & 5-Axis machined components and machined castings to the automotive and motorcycle industries. We offer our customers the most comprehensive set of solutions for precision parts and assemblies in the industry. We utilize our unique and extensive CNC engineering capabilities to produce the highest quality precision CNC components ranging from prototype or production projects.
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We are UDASH

UDASH Corporation was founded in 1981 as a machining and manufacturing company dedicated to customer service, quality and on-time delivery. With state-of-the-art technology and more than four decades of experience, we offer our customers timely delivery at very competitive prices. Our area of expertise is in manufacturing complex, close tolerance, exotic alloy precision machined and fabrications that your “average” manufacturing company does not wish to undertake! . Our specialized customer service is indeed unique in the manufacturing components industry and our excellence in parts produced have been proven time and again with the countless awards and numerous commendation letters we have received from our customers over the years. Whether lower volume or production quantity projects, we always strive to achieve success for all of our customers. Your success means our success!

Why Chose UDASH

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    Cost Savings

    We offer various unique alternative manufacturing methods and options that translate into substantial cost savings in components we produce for our customers. We have also reduced our internal manufacturing costs in order to pass on cost savings to our customers.

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    Friendly & Prompt Service

    With UDASH you will never get “lost in the shuffle” because we are dedicated to on-going friendly and prompt customer service to all our customers. We strive to achieve satisfaction for all of our customers when it comes to their complex components requirements.

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    Outstanding Past Performances & Industry Awards for Excellence

    For more than four decades we have received countless prestigious awards and letters of commendation from numerous customers for our outstanding quality of parts produced, on-time delivery and extraordinary customer service. The special awards and recognition we received from NASA/JPL for components we completed for the “Mars Exploration Rover” speaks volumes about us.

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    Meeting Your Special Delivery Requirements

    We are willing to work extra shifts and expedite costs for manufacturing your critical components requirements within tight delivery deadlines. For long-term production projects, we are also willing to set up a KanBan system to manufacture and ship parts that will meet your specific delivery requirements for key components. Do you have “A.O.G.” parts needs? Contact us and we’ll gladly bring in our extra shifts to produce your critical components quickly!

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    Industry Certifications & Approvals

    We are certified to both ISO9001 and AS9100 quality standards required by various industries. For our aerospace and defense customers, we are also ITAR Certified and a certified Small Disadvantaged Business. Likewise, we have many major prime aerospace and defense company approvals.

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    Unique & Complex Parts “Others” Don’t Want

    UDASH excels at manufacturing the complex, close-tolerance, exotic alloy, 5-Axis components that most average manufacturing companies do not want to bid on or produce. Consider us for your unique and specialized complex components projects. When others may have let you down, UDASH will be there for you!

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