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Complex & 5-Axis Components: Simply the Best… Better Than All The Rest!

For many decades, we at UDASH have excelled and stood out from the thousands of other metal components manufacturing companies because of our unique specialty in producing the complex, close tolerance, 5-Axis and exotic alloy components that most machining companies cannot manufacture or do not wish to manufacture. Whether prototypes, spares or production quantities, we at UDASH strive to achieve the impossible for our customers by machining intricately designed custom build-to-print components. 


Often, our customers from a wide array of industries have approached us to undertake manufacturing the key intricate components for their projects that are critical and time again we have proven successful. Our record of excellence and high performance speaks for itself–  whether it’s been receiving NASA’s awards for parts produced for the “Mars Exploration Rover” or countless letters of Commendation we have received for successfully manufacturing critical components within a short time schedule. When your existing suppliers for complex machined and fabricated components may have let you down or said “no” to your projects… reach out to us at UDASH and we will gladly do our best to support your parts requirements! Please send us your inquiries and RFQs: mfg@udash.com 

Components manufacturing companies are a dime a dozen nowadays. There are many who may do excellent machining work but have poor customer service skills. We at UDASH strive to offer excellent manufacturing components along with special personalized customer service with every project we undertake for our customers. Whether it’s responding promptly to email inquiries and RFQs, or providing status reports on existing orders or expediting work on critical components, we aim to please all of our customers with outstanding customer service. We at UDASH are committed to providing our clients with specialized customer service and exceed your expectations of supplier performance! We see ourselves as an extension of your operations and strive for your success everyday. Give us an opportunity to shine and prove ourselves to your as a valued supplier by sending us your inquiries and RFQs: mfg@udash.com 


We’re All About Customer Service


No Project Too Small or Too Large

Whether its prototypes, spares or long-term production components for your various projects, we at UDASH welcome the opportunity to manufacture your critical parts. We do not shy away from lower volume projects or higher volume projects as we have CNC equipment dedicated to producing both types of components. When you existing suppliers do not wish to provide pricing or undertake your critical prototype or R&D components needed quickly for testing, please turn to us at UDASH for supporting those types of parts needs you may have available. When you have long-term production components needs which require cost-savings and specific delivery requirements, turn to us as well to support those projects for you. We welcome both micro-sized parts as well as larger size components up to 100” in length. There is no project too small or too large for us! We welcome your inquiries and RFQs: mfg@udash.com