Military / Commercial Aircraft Parts

By udash — In Military / Commercial Aircraft Parts — July 6, 2009

Military/Commercial Aircraft Parts

UDASH is a proud manufacturer of countless key structural and engine aircraft components used on numerous commercial, military, corporate and cargo aircrafts. Our precision CNC 4 & 5-Axis machining services respond to the aviation industry’s on-going requirements for high technology equipment while maintaining a time-honored standard for on-time delivery and reliable high quality.

UDASH’s unique and extensive expertise in close-tolerance and complex CNC 5-Axis machining techniques of high performance aircraft alloys such as Titanium, Inconel, Nickel, Beryllium Copper, Magnesium, A286 Steel, various Stainless Steels and high temperature plastics polymers places our company among the top manufacturers of custom aircraft components. As a result of our capabilities in producing some of the most complex aircraft components, we are also able to offer exceptional cost-savings initiatives by employing creative manufacturing methods.

Regardless of the complexity or tight tolerance requirements of your components, UDASH has the experience, knowledge and hard-work ethic to complete any project successfully. We welcome lower volume prototype quantities as well as higher volume production run aircraft components. Likewise our company has extensive experience in machining and manufacturing lower volume CNC machined aircraft spare parts and older/obsolete aircraft components. The following are just some of the types of aircraft components we have successfully manufactured over the years;

Torque Arms and Mechanical Actuator components
Aircraft Ribs, Spars & Stringers
Aircraft Airframes & Bulkheads
Aircraft Longerons, Seat tracks & Trunnions
Flight-Critical Control components
Engine & Fluid-Power components; Pistons, Valves, Poppets & Housings
Titanium 5-Axis Landing-Gear parts & Fittings
Aircraft Clips, Angles, Brackets & Fairings
Various Aircraft Door Hinges & Aircraft Hinge Pins
Flanges, Bushings, Spacers & Shafts for Aircraft Ducting Systems
Aircraft Floor Beams, Door Frames & Crown Frames
Nacelle components & Interior Aircraft Galley components
Aircraft Winglets & Aircraft Seat components
Fuselage components; Pivot Fittings, Wing Spars & Vertical Stabilizers.
Titanium Aircraft Missile Fins, Panels, Brackets & Fittings
Aircraft Fastener components & sub-assemblies
Complex Avionics Housings & Mechanical components

UDASH’s AS9100 Quality System and extensive knowledge of DFARS materials source requirements makes UDASH fully compatible with aircraft industry expectations. Our company is also ITAR certified as required by the U.S. DoD, NASA and aircraft prime contractors. In addition. UDASH has Boeing DPD/MBD approval for certain Boeing aircraft programs. Some of our major approvals with key aircraft manufacturers and aircraft component producers include;

Boeing Corporation, Airbus, Lockheed-Martin, Bombardier, Triumph Group, GKN Aerospace and Precision Castparts Corp.

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UDASH is proud to support U.S. Armed Forces overseas
UDASH is proud to support U.S. Armed Forces overseas