Aircraft Hinges & Hinge Pins

By udash — In Aircraft Hinge & Hinge Pin Components — July 6, 2009

Aircraft Hinge Components

UDASH Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of complex custom interior and exterior aircraft hinges and aircraft hinge pins.

UDASH can produce an array of complex build-to-print machined aircraft hinges and aircraft hinge pins for military, commercial, cargo and corporate aircraft including; C-130, C-17, F-4, F-5, F-15, F-16, A-10, F-22, C-5, various Airbus aircrafts, various Learjet aircrafts, 747, 757 767, 777 and Boeing’s newest 787 Dreamliner. UDASH’s machined aircraft hinges are used on cargo aircraft doors, passenger aircraft doors, galley aircraft doors, landing gear aircraft doors and well as other exterior and interior aircraft compartments. We produce complex and close tolerance larger cargo door Titanium Hinges and Contoured Hinges for various areas within the aircraft. Likewise we perform all of our hinge pin hole drilling in-house for all machined hinges we manufacture. UDASH also specializes in manufacturing intricate aircraft hinges and aircraft hinge pins used as spares on obsolete or older aircraft utilized in overseas markets and by FAA repair stations throughout the U.S.

UDASH utilizes its various of state-of-the-art 4 & 5-Axis CNC machining equipment to manufacture aircraft hinges from an array of alloys including; Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, Stainless Steels, 15-5PH Steel, 17-4PH Steel, 4340 Steel, 4130 Steel, Titanium as well as other aircraft metal alloys. We have the capabilities of machining tight-tolerance aircraft hinges from extrusions, bar stock, plate and forgings for both our customers’ production and spare parts requirements.

Likewise, UDASH has the unique expertise to manufacture and form various aircraft hinge pins up to 150” long from different Aluminum, Steel and Titanium wire material. Additionally, UDASH can produce an array of intricate build-to-print aircraft hinge assemblies utilizing nut-plates, rivets and springs. UDASH has expertise in machining and manufacturing aircraft hinge and hinge pins used for the aftermarket aircraft parts industry or for new developmental aircraft. Our AS9100 Quality certification has enabled us to continuously maintain a higher quality of components demanded by our aerospace clientele.

We support the aircraft hinge and aircraft hinge pins requirements for original aircraft manufacturers, FAA repair stations, certified parts distributors and other components manufacturers. UDASH welcomes your RFQs for various quantity aircraft hinges and aircraft hinge pins via e-mail:

UDASH is proud to support U.S. Armed Forces overseas
UDASH is proud to support U.S. Armed Forces overseas