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  • "UDASH Inc. specializes in complex and ultra-precision 4 & 5-Axis CNC machining services and is a certified U.S. Government Small Disadvantaged Business. An honored recipient of NASA/JPL's most prestigious Awards for Excellence in manufacturing components for the Mars Exploration Rover projects."

Commercial / Industrial Components

Over the years UDASH has successfully manufactured custom-made multifaceted and close-tolerance CNC precision 5-Axis machined parts for an array of commercial industries seeking high quality components. We take great pride in machining very complex components from the exotic and hard alloys that average machining companies shy away from. Likewise UDASH welcomes prototypes, R&D and production projects.

The following are just some of the commercial industries we have produced components for over the years…

• Power Generation/Energy
• Semiconductor
• Television/Motion Picture equipment
• Oil & Gas equipment manufacturers
• Electronics & Computer computers
• Plastics, Paper & Lumber Mills
• Locomotive manufacturers
• Custom Lighting & LED Lighting products
• Marine & Deep Sea related products
• Infrared Cameras & Devices
• Raw Metal Mills & Foundries
• Heavy Construction equipment
• Agricultural equipment
• Food Processing & Packaging equipment
• Testing & Measurement equipment
• Microwave Devices
• Robotics
• Minning equipment manufacturers
• Breweries
• Fishing & Gaming products

We invite you to send us your inquiries and RFQs to mfg@udash.com

Product Category: Industrial Components